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Not a designer? Not a problem!

Our easy to understand drag&drop editor allows you to add and edit newsletter content with zero HTML knowledge.
Newsletter templates Free newsletter templates
Use our free newsletter templates to create stunning newsletters. You will be able to customize all aspects of the template to suit your unique needs.
Newsletter editor Intuitive newsletter editor
It's super easy to create newsletters with SENDER - simply choose a template from the gallery and drag&drop content elements, such as text, images or videos.
Personalized newsletters Personalized newsletters
Show more attention to each subscriber – and improve open rates in return – by personalizing your newsletter's subject line or body.
Product handling Smart product handling
If you have a webshop, you can insert products into a newsletter faster than ever before: SENDER has plug-ins for all major e-commerce platforms, so you only have to copy and paste the URL of your product and it will automatically extract product images, description, price and more.
Image editor Built-in image editor
After you drop an image into a template, SENDER will automatically adjust its size and let you do the rest: cut, retouch, rotate, apply filters, write a text, add a frame and make other changes.
Video Use video in your emails
Spice up your newsletters with video! Simply copy and paste the URL of a clip from Youtube, Vimeo or other popular video sharing websites and SENDER will automatically convert it into an animated image (GIF), supported in most email clients.
Mobile Mobile
Our newsletter templates are compatible with all the most popular email clients. That means your newsletter will look equally amazing in any laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
HTML code Upload your own HTML code
If you already have a newsletter template in HTML format, you can easily import it into SENDER and send it to your subscribers in just a couple of clicks.

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