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Free bulk email sender for your business success

Send captivating bulk emails in just a few clicks without worrying about technicalities and enjoy increasing sales and engagement.

Beat the spam filters with our top-notch bulk email sender

Send bulk email campaigns that land in your audience’s inbox every time, thanks
to a robust infrastructure and best-in-class deliverability optimization.
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High IP



Reliable email

Reliable email

Why use Sender for bulk email marketing services?

Get best-in-class support, robust features, industry-
leading deliverability, and more at a business-friendly
price or even for free.
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Free forever plan
Use all top-tier features for even 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 monthly emails.
Easy to us
Easy to use
Human-friendly interface with great documentation and navigation.
Unbeatable pricing
If you need more than the free plan can offer – our paid plans are the most affordable in the market.
24/7 customer support
Enjoy exceptional support with a 99% satisfaction rate via live chat.

Bulk email software integration with tools you already use

Sender instantly integrates with leading content management systems, CRMs, and
ecommerce platforms, including WordPress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Zapier, and more.

We are always here to help you

We work around the clock to assist you. Drop us a message any time, and one of us will
be happy to get back to you quickly!

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Frequently asked questions about bulk email software


What is bulk email software?

Bulk email software lets you send many emails to multiple recipients simultaneously. It provides features like contact management, email templates, and campaign tracking, helping you efficiently manage and automate bulk email campaigns.


How can I send bulk emails?

Use email marketing software or marketing automation service to start sending bulk emails. Import your recipient list, create an engaging email template, personalize content, and schedule (or send) your email campaign in batches.


How can I send bulk emails for free?

You should use Sender to send bulk emails for free. Sender lets you send up to 15000 emails per month to up to 2500 subscribers without charging a penny. Sign up for Sender’s free account, set up a campaign, design the email, and send it easily.


How to send bulk emails without spamming?

It's important to follow email marketing best practices to send bulk emails without landing into the spam folder. Use permission-based email lists, craft relevant and personalized content, avoid deceptive subject lines, include a clear unsubscribe option, and regularly monitor your email deliverability.


How do you make sure email does not go to spam?

To prevent emails from landing in spam folders, focus on the following: use a reputable email service provider, avoid spam trigger words or phrases, personalize emails, optimize the sender name and subject line, include a plain text version, maintain a healthy sending reputation, and encourage recipients to add you to their contacts or whitelist your email address. Regularly monitor email newsletter deliverability and address any issues promptly.

Premium capabilities Feels enterprise,
minus the price

All the features your business needs to acquire high-quality leads, grow sales, and maximize revenue from campaigns
using one simple dashboard.

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