Clear-cut email subject lines for any setting

It's not merely about having good email subject lines; it's about having the best email subject lines. And you're in the right place to find those – we have plenty of great email subject lines for various industries and occasions.

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Professional email subject line examples

Looking for the best subject lines? Check the following templates, guaranteed to grab your recipient's attention:

Catchy email subject line examples

Catchy subject lines hook your subscribers from the beginning and don't let go of them until they scroll through your email. Grab one of the catchy email subject lines for your campaign and see for yourself:

What not to do with [Product/Service/Feature]

Get your [Benefit] back

As seen on your favorite influencers

We accidentally created the best [Product]

Calling all [Noun] lovers!

Flash sale subject line examples

Are you planning to launch a flash sale? Use the subject line to announce that "poof and great deals are gone – hurry!". Here's a bunch of effective, different subject lines to choose from:

Flash sales: these goods are a rare gem

Time's ticking – start clicking for 50% off

Our super duper flash sale ends tonight!

40% off are waiting... But not for long!

It's called a flash sale for a reason! Hurry!

Best newsletter subject line examples

You might have the best newsletter in the world. But if nobody opens it... What's the point? Avoid this nightmare and use our well-crafted email titles:

[Pain point]: Are you making these mistakes?

X secrets to [Desired outcome]

We're just in time to make your [Occasion] perfect

Here's what you need to know to win [Situation]

[Topic] ideas that WOW

Welcome email subject lines

Welcome emails are perfect for making a lasting impression. But don't forget that your first introduction starts with good subject lines. Here are 5 of them:

Welcome to the world of [Brand]

Oh, hello friend

Welcome! Your 10% off inside

Thank you kindly for signing up

You've just become our newest member!

Promotional email subject line examples

Promoting products, services, or offers is hard. At least we've got the email marketing subject lines covered for you. Choose your favorite from promotional and sales email subject lines:

You + our exclusive offer = Pure bliss

Something to get you in a good mood – 60% off!

We're an (almost) 5-star brand for a reason!

See what others are saying about [Service]

How can [Product] help you reach [Desired outcome]?

Holiday email subject line examples

You've got so much on your marketer hands around holidays and you have to create subject lines on top? Oh my. Let us help you with your email headline at least:

Let your style bloom with 30% off

An email filled with treats. No tricks!

We're thankful for you

Irresistible Black Friday deals inside!

Simple way to make this Christmas magical

Subject lines for cold emails

The trick to boosting the open and click-through rate of cold emails? Cold email subject lines. But only if you make it short and personal. If that doesn't work – make it funny. Take a look at how it's done:

[Name], get [Desired outcome] in X days

Your [Company name] impressed us! Let's connect

[Name], your next big idea starts here!

Knock knock. Who's at your inbox door?

Let's grab a virtual drink?

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Optimize Your Emails: Tips for Subject Lines to Improve Performance

It's simple. Enhance your subject line – you'll enhance your email performance. Here's how you do it:

  • Induce curiosity. Create intrigue by teasing the content of the email without giving away too much. For example, "Unlock the secret to [Field] success inside";
  • Make it benefit-oriented. Be loud about the benefits the recipient can expect with the email. For instance, "Discover how to double your sales today!";
  • Include emojis. Those little images work wonders in creating visual appeal and helping your email stand out. However, use them judiciously and ensure they align with your brand and message. For example, "Find out your summer vibe☀️🏖️";
  • Ask a question. It's only human to seek answers, so posing a question in the subject line entices the recipient to open your email. For instance, "Are you ready to take your style to the next level?";
  • Social proof. Create credibility and trust from the first words – mention customer testimonials, reviews, and endorsements to entice recipients to open the email. For example, "Join thousands of satisfied customers today!";
  • Segmentation. Tailor your subject lines to specific segments, making your content look more relevant and exciting. For example, "5 ways to stop struggling with [Specific pain point]".
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Why is a good email subject line important?

No matter how good your email marketing campaign is, if the subject line isn’t captivating enough, it’ll get lost in your inbox and will not be read. This is because subject lines are helpful in:

  • Captivating attention. When your email reaches the recipient's inbox, they see the subject line first. In other words, it grabs their attention and, if done right, motivates them to open the email, resulting in higher open rates;
  • Transparent expectations setting. A good subject line should reflect the email's content so the recipient knows what to expect after reading it;
  • Encouraging engagement. A compelling subject line has the potential to inspire the recipient to do more than just open the email. It can motivate the recipient to engage with the email's content, click on links, or take other desired actions.
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Email subject line best practices

If you’d like to try your hand at creating subject lines, follow these best practices to craft a perfect one:

  • Personalize wherever possible. Use personalization to your advantage, include recipient's name and a reference to their past behavior or purchases in your subject line, and watch the open rates soar.
  • Create urgency or FOMO. Fear of missing out is a powerful driver to take action. Create a sense of urgency by including phrases such as "last time," "today only," "ending soon," and similar in your subject line.
  • A/B test regularly. Regular A/B testing of subject lines helps keep your finger on the pulse of what works and what doesn't. Try length, format, style, and content variations to find your perfect subject line formula.
  • Avoid spam trigger words. Certain words and phrases can land your emails in the spam folder. So, avoid such short phrases as "win," "urgent," "prize," "earn cash," and similar.
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Insights into email subject line statistics

If you're driven by a data-backed approach, you'll be interested in what the latest statistics have to say about effective email subject lines:

  • Words and phrases that create a sense of urgency can increase the open rate by 22%. The same goes for ones that induce curiosity.
  • The word “free” can increase the open rate by 10% while “video” by 7% to 13%. However, the word “newsletter” can decrease the open rate by 18.7%.
  • Including numbers can lead to a 57% average open rate, including emojis – 56%.
  • Personalizing your subject lines based on customers' demographics, preferences, and behavior increases email open rates by at least 50%. For example, with the first name included, the open rate is higher at 29%

Email subject lines FAQs


What is an email subject line?

An email subject line is a brief description that summarizes the content or purpose of an email. It's like a message header, giving recipients a preview of what to expect inside.


What should be put in the subject line of an email?

In the subject line of an email, you should put a concise summary or description of the email's content or purpose. It helps recipients understand what the email is about before opening it.


How long should an email subject line be?

A message subject line should ideally be around 6 to 10 words or 40 to 60 characters in length. This ensures it's concise and can be easily read on various devices without being cut off.


How to write a subject line for an email?

To write a subject line for an email, follow these practices:

  • Be clear and concise. Summarize the main point or purpose of the email in a few words.
  • Use action-oriented language. Use verbs to encourage the recipient to take action or engage with the email.
  • Personalize when possible. Address the recipient by name or tailor the subject line to their interests or needs.
  • Create urgency or curiosity. Use words or phrases that prompt the recipient to open the email immediately.
  • Avoid spam trigger words. Steer clear of spammy language or excessive punctuation that could trigger spam filters.
  • Keep it short. Aim for around 6 to 10 words or 40 to 60 characters to ensure the subject line is easily readable and not cut off on various devices.

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