What Is A Mailto Link?

A mailto link is a clickable text (hyperlink) that directly links to an email address instead of a website.
Sender’s Mailto link generator is an online tool that makes it easy for you to generate custom Mailto links.
A simple Mailto link with the ‘To’ field pre-filled looks like this:


Mailto Link Benefits

Here are some obvious benefits of using Sender’s Mailto link maker:
  • Reduce effort—Make it convenient for someone to send you a readymade email with prefilled “To”, “CC,” “BCC,” ‘Subject line’ and ‘Body text’ matter in just a few mouse clicks;
  • Save time—Send emails instantly without having to copy-paste email addresses or switching between browser tabs;
  • Improve engagement and conversions—Make it easier for them to do it than not to do it, by reducing friction and automating action.

Mailto Link Generator Uses

Mailto links are great when you want your users to send prefilled emails to a specific email address easily and fast.
Instead of filling up tedious contact forms, using our Mailto link generator, your website visitors can simply click a hyperlink and send a prefilled email, almost on command.
The following are typical use cases for Mailto links:
  • Visitors can send a demo request;
  • Prospects can initiate a quick sales inquiry;
  • Customers can ask for help by raising a Support ticket.
The only downside is that the user isn’t allowed to send any attachments, which is fine from a security viewpoint.

How Does Mailto Link Generator Work?

Sender’s Mailto link creator is a 100% FREE, simple online tool that works in 3 super simple steps:
  1. Fill up the required form fields that you’d like prefilled. i.e. “To”, “CC”, “BCC”, “Subject line” & “Body” text;
  2. A unique Mailto URL is created automatically;
  3. Copy the generated Mailto link or HTML code and hyperlink or embed it on your website, landing page, email signatures, etc.
You’re all set!
Clicking the above link automatically opens a new email in the reader's default email client, such as Outlook or Gmail, with pre-filled content making it easier for anyone to send an email.

How To Create A Mailto Link Online?

Creating a mailto link with our Mailto link generator is literally as simple as filling up an online form once.
The following fields (all optional) are available:


The main recipient email address should be entered here.
For example, help@sender.net
Including more than a single recipient in the ‘To’ field may not work. Hence we recommend a maximum of one recipient.


CC stands for Carbon Copy. A copy of what’s delivered to the main recipient will be delivered here.
For example, support@sender.net
Including more than a single recipient in the CC field may not work. Hence, we recommend a maximum of one recipient.


BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. A copy of what’s delivered to the “To” and “CC” fields will also be delivered here; those fields, however, can’t see who’s marked in “BCC”.
For example, ceo@sender.net
Including more than a single recipient in the BCC field may not work. Hence, we recommend a maximum of one recipient.


Enter the email subject line content here.
Keeping a consistent subject line might help you better identify and segregate the emails. For instance, as in the case of demo inquiries for specific products.


Input the body content in here that you’d like pre-filled. Optionally, leave it blank and allow your user to enter their own matter.

Mailto Link

When one or more of the above optional fields are filled in, your Mailto link is automatically generated.


Here is where you can grab readymade HTML code if you're using custom HTML pages.

Example of Mailto Link with Pre-filled Subject and Body

An example of a Mailto link with the following fields filled in can be seen below.
To: sales@sender.net
Subject line: Pricing inquiry - Professional Plan

Body text:


I am looking for more information on your Professional plan.

Thank you”

Here’s the generated Mailto code:


And the HTML code:

<a href="mailto:sales@sender.net?subject=Pricing%20inquiry%20-%20Professional%20Plan&body=Hi%2C%0A%0AI%20am%20looking%20for%20more%20information%20on%20your%20Professional%20plan.%0A%0AThank%20you">Link text</a>

How to Test Mailto Link

Someone once said, “Trust but always verify.”
Before you go ahead and use your spanky new Mailto link on your website and landing pages, it’d be a great idea to test it out and see if that’s what you want the user to see and send for that particular use case.
To test the Mailto link generated by Sender’s Mailto link generator:
  1. Input any fields that need to be pre-filled and press the Generate button;
  2. Copy the Mailto URL generated under the Mailto link section;
  3. Paste it inside the address bar of your web browser and hit enter.
If all goes well, you should be staring at a ready-to-edit email with the option to send it in one click by hitting Send.
Optimize the input fields until the output reflects what you want the user to experience.

Tips for Mailto Link Generation

  1. Before starting, establish a clear goal for your Mailto link regarding what you want to help the user do.
  2. About multiple recipients:

    Be it the “To”, “CC”, or “BCC” fields, we recommend including a single recipient only.

    However, if you’d like to include multiple recipients in any of these fields, follow the steps below:
    • Copy-paste all the recipient mail addresses inside the said field;
    • Separate entries with a single comma (“,”);
    • Ensure no spaces between entries;
    For instance, below is how your Mailto link would look like for such an arrangement:


    Important note: Before use, always test your Mailto link over multiple email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, eM client, Mailbird, Apple Mail, different Browsers, etc.