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How to Get a Career in Marine Biology

If you want to have a career as a marine biologist, then there are steps you can take to reach your goal. You need to realize that marine biology encompasses a wide range of areas of study that all include working with marine life. You may not know which specific[…]

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Top Organizations that are Supporting Marine Animals

Marine animals are some of the most interesting and beautiful creatures on Earth. They continue to amaze us with their diversity. Unfortunately, our intervention led to the extinction of many species over the centuries. We have seen over the time that there are some species that disappeared because they were[…]

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How You Can Help Preserve the Lives of Marine Animals

During the centuries there were many marine species that have disappeared because they were unable to adapt and were replaced by more adaptable species that we can see today swarming our oceans. Lately, because of the human intervention, this process of species renewal was accelerated in a mad way because[…]

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