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All You Need To Know About Local Beach Clean Up Groups

Cleaning the environment is a collective responsibility; we all have to see to it that we leave in a world free of dirt and harmful materials. With the leave of pollution happening across the beaches today, it is the time we take matters into our own hands and ensure our beaches are safe for us, our kids, our pets and the future generation. So if you are ready to get some fresh air, exercise your body, have fun with family and friends while you clean up the environment, you need to join a local beach cleanup group.

These groups are family, friends, and neighbors who live close to the beach, and they all have one primary objective: to clean up the environment. These groups organize themselves and get involved in ensuring their nearby beaches are always clean and safe for everybody. They pick out a day or two in a week and go all out to the beach with cleaning materials like empty trash bags, gloves, broomstick and other cleaning materials.

They work for some hours and take out empty bottles, cans, candy wrappers, food bags and cigarette butts lying around the beach. Mind you that these groups are voluntary organization and they carry out their activities as service to humanity, there do not receive any commission or payment from anybody.

How Do I Join A Local Beach Cleanup Group?

The easiest way to get started in this endeavor is to find a non-profit organization that runs cleanups. Just enter “beach cleanup” or “coastal cleanup” into your favorite search engine to find out when and where they are signing up volunteers. In some counties, cleanups happen every Saturday, plus the day after a major holiday when beach crowds occur. When you get there, some organizations provide plastic bags, rubber gloves, and even trash grippers. It helps to read their Web site or call first and find out what they offer.  If you can’t find an organized cleanup, consider organizing one yourself, with groups such as local schools, scout troops, or church groups. If not, you can just head out there with some family, friends, or co-workers and plenty of empty trash bags.

What Do I Need To Join A Beach Cleanup Group?

Dress for working outdoors. Wear good walking shoes, a comfortable top, and pants with lots of freedom of movement, plus a hat and sunglasses. Bring rubber gloves to protect your hands from filth and sharp edges.  Bring a long-handled trash grabber/gripper tool to protect your hands and save your lower back from too much bending down. The tool is especially useful for picking up broken bottles.

If you bring the kids, organize yourselves into two-person teams. One person carries the bag, and the other picks up the litter. Don’t forget the drinking water and sunscreen. Join a group today, and you will be surprised at the number of plastic cups, torn clothing, soda straws, cigarette butts and water cans you will amass in just one hour of hard work. Think of all the damages you will avert by cleaning up the environment, and you will be forever grateful you had a chance to help.