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Marine Animals That Have Gone Extinct

Throughout the history we have seen many changes in the climate and environment surrounding us. We have seen the rise and fall of many civilizations and species. There are many species that we have never met because their extinction happened long before the birth of humanity. Many scientists believe that[…]

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Is Over Fishing a Real Concern to the Environment

Overfishing occurs when more fish are caught than can be replaced naturally in the aquatic environment. A certain number of fish need to remain in the environment in order to breed to replenish and replace those fish that are caught. What It Causes Overfishing can lead to decimation of the[…]

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How Fish Is an Integral Part of the Environment

Fish form a major component of all aquatic ecosystems. They are both prey and predators, providing food for other animals and preying on and regulating numbers of smaller organisms. They are thus essential components of food webs in freshwater, brackish and marine environments. If There Were No Fish The absence[…]

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How to Protect Dolphins

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals in the world. It was proven that they have feelings and emotion similar to the human ones and that they are very sensitive. The main problem with their lives is the human intervention that led to some species of dolphins to be[…]

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Keeping Our Beaches Clean

Have you walked around a beach recently? You must have noticed the amount of debris lying around all corners. The beach used to be a place of pure bliss, where we go to watch the sun rise and fall beautifully, and play with the warm sands while we soak up[…]

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Marine Life Preservation

Marine creatures are hunted in large number across the globe yearly for various human purposes. Some of these animals are killed in the process and don’t even make it out of the water. The animals hunted successfully are either consumed or used as poultry feeds. Others are used for scientific[…]

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