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Chasing Coral- The movie

We all heard from news or other media what is happening with world’s coral reefs. They are disappearing so fast that they are close to extinction. This movie will open the eyes, much like Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” did. The creator Jeff Orlowski says that it is a game changer because it is the best proof of the situation – the visual one.

This documentary focuses on wildlife and physical world, but behind the cameras there are interesting people; don’t forget the huge cast and scientists. Story is being told by one character and later on the second one joins in; it gives the film an unusual structure.

Richard Vevers was working as executive in advertising and, like everyone, trying to climb corporate ladder.  One day he had enough of dull work and office life, left and moved away closer to South Sea. Settled in Australia and started his career as an undersea photographer.  Years went by and he noticed that some of the marine wildlife creatures had gone missing.

He focused on the corals and this is where his advertising career came out and was a huge help. He decided to show the whole world what has happened. Vevers saw documentary called Chasing Ice by J. Orlowski and decided to do the same thing for corals as was done for vanishing glaziers – make it as public as possible. He contacted Orlowski and got him on board to be a director of Chasing Coral.

Viewer might think that he is going to see images that are colorful and pleasant to the eye, but film heads to the different direction. Corals might look giant in the water, but they are tiny live organisms. If you look closely, they are all different and incredibly beautiful. Their importance in the ecosystem cannot be stretched enough. But in the last decade they are disappearing faster than ever.

There is phenomenon which is called bleaching when corals lose their bright colors and start looking white; that means they are dying. Orlowski swam to film them and saw just white masses underneath water. Numbers are rising because of climate change. Movie states that 93% of rising temperature is absorbed by deep waters and temperature for marine life and corals is not suitable anymore. No one knows what is going to happen if it doesn’t stop, there are just predictions but none of them are on the positive side. It is going to have a catastrophic damage; the whole ecosystem can collapse.

Story shifts and shows another character Rago who is a real coral nerd. His parents taught him to love sea. His story is very sad and can leave audience with teary eyes. Movie ends on the positive note that everything can change if human behavior will. You can watch it on Netflix, in just couple of days it reached enormous numbers in views and was nominated for an Oscar in Sundance festival.