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How to Keep Our Oceans Clean

Today our oceans have huge masses of accumulated human-made garbage. This garbage consists of materials that often do not break down and not only produce harmful chemicals that pollute the oceans, but also poses a risk to the health and survival of animals living in the ocean. A big problem in the world’s oceans today is plastic trash. Plastic trash can harm animals and even kill them. One way we can help keep the oceans clean is to reduce or eliminate our use of plastic products.

Steps have already been taken in a couple of countries to reduce plastic use. For example, in South Africa, you have to pay for a plastic packet for your groceries. Other countries have similar practices and are now also considering the banning of plastic straws. The result of such policies is to cause reduced use of plastic, and it seems to be working to some extent. As an individual you can reduce your use of plastic packets by using reusable cloth bags for your groceries.

Oil Rigs and Tankers

We have all seen the devastating impact of oil spills on wildlife. Oil tankers and oil rigs need to be regularly inspected to ensure that they are not at risk for such problems. Policies need to be made and regulations enforced when it comes to industrial pollution. Too many industries still release highly toxic and polluted effluent into rivers, which then ultimately ends up in the ocean. These toxins negatively impact all the life in the ocean.

Be a Careful Fisherman

Fisherman need to make efforts to curtail their impact on the oceans. They need to ensure that fishing lines, fishing hooks or nets are not left behind to ensnare unsuspecting animals. Nets may catch species that are not the target. Solutions need to be made to solve issues with nets. For instance, strategies need to be implemented to stop seabirds from becoming caught in fishing nets.

Throw Away Your Trash

Most people enjoy spending time on the beach or in the ocean. If you do this make sure to throw your trash in the appropriate place in a trash can or if none is available, take your trash with you off the beach until you can properly dispose of it. This will reduce the buildup of litter and garbage that inevitably ends up in the ocean.

Another way we can reduce the amount of garbage is to recycle as much as we can. Most countries around the world have recycling programs, so instead of throwing stuff away be sure to recycle it. You can recycle most products including glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum. If people were to follow these guidelines, then we would all have a cleaner ocean to enjoy in the future and for our future generation as well. It is not about what is convenient or easy for us. If people do not take this matter seriously our oceans will be at great risk, and without our oceans the entire eco system of the earth could fall apart. So, let’s all do our part to keep the oceans clean.