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How to Protect Dolphins

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals in the world. It was proven that they have feelings and emotion similar to the human ones and that they are very sensitive. The main problem with their lives is the human intervention that led to some species of dolphins to be extinct. There is a very big awareness community that tries to protect them. But the sole intervention of the animal lovers is simply not enough. Some of our own actions contribute to the potential extinction of dolphins. We have listed some of the best ways to protect these amazing creatures.

Avoid any dolphin products. There are some restaurants that serve dolphin products, especially fin soup. You have to understand that the dolphin is killed in order to obtain a fin that is enough for a few bowls of soup. The other situation is when fishermen capture a dolphin and only cut off the fin. Without that part of their body they will not live very long because it is vital for swimming and getting to the surface. Dolphins need to get fresh air from time to time and the fin that was taken from them was used for that. Think that a fin soup probably led to the death of a dolphin.

Buy dolphin-safe products. There are many companies that sell fish cans or fish products and they specify that it is dolphin-safe. This means that the fish you find in your can was captured in a responsible way. This means that no fish nets were left in the ocean. These are very dangerous because dolphins can get tangled in them without the possibility to escape. What happens is that they die suffocated because they can’t get to the surface to breathe. Another good thing to do is to avoid whale products because most of the times dolphins get hurt while whales are being hunted. By not buying these irresponsible products you encourage dolphin-friendly companies to have a greater share of the market.

Avoid the pollution of the ocean. This may sound a bit hard to do but most of the waste from the ocean comes from tourists. Next time you find yourself on the beach or during a cruise don’t throw plastic or any other materials in the water. Even if it is biodegradable this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do harm. All these materials interfere with the flora from the ocean and alter the behavior of the dolphins, making them swim away from the normal routes. This is very dangerous because they can reach colder waters or unknown places full of predators.

Help the NGOs that fight for the well-being of the dolphins. There are many people that dedicated their lives to save the ocean wildlife and you can help them by donating or by sharing their content. Every donation counts and these people are very dedicated in what they are doing. You can also share information to your friends and family in order to have a dolphin-friendly lifestyle.