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How You Can Help Preserve the Lives of Marine Animals

During the centuries there were many marine species that have disappeared because they were unable to adapt and were replaced by more adaptable species that we can see today swarming our oceans. Lately, because of the human intervention, this process of species renewal was accelerated in a mad way because there are many species unable to adapt to our destructive force.

The Problem

We have witnessed the extinction of countless marine species since we started exploiting the ocean, and our fingerprints can be seen on every extinction. We have listed some of the things you can do in order to contribute to the preservation of marine life.

In order to understand the necessity to intervene, you first have to understand the context. Take your time and educate yourself in this matter and you will discovers the horrors surrounding the daily life of marine animals. And you will also discover that the majority of harm is produced by our selfishness and lack of care. And hopefully you’ll understand that marine animal’s preservation is not actually that hard. You only have to care.

How to Help

Tend to the beach. This doesn’t mean that you must go every day and clean the closest beach. But if you like surfing or just sitting in the sun, you have to take into consideration that every plastic bag or bottle you leave on the beach will go into the ocean. Be responsible and gather the trash that you produce while staying on the beach. Don’t just assume that there will be someone there to clean after you because most of the times, there’s no one but you.

If you want to contribute even more to the well-being of the oceans, you can recycle the trash. This is super important because more than 80% of the plastic that is produced world-wide is not recycled and reaches the ocean at some point. You may be wondering why this is so bad. There were countless cases of marine animals being found strangled in plastic bags. More than that, you have to take into consideration that the plastic modifies the migration tracks of many species and prevents them from breeding. They also affect the beaches where turtles go in order to lay eggs.  Plastic is very dangerous for marine animals and it is considered one of the main sources that will lead to their extinction.

Consume marine-friendly food. If you are a fish-mean lover, you can continue to eat it, but take into consideration the source when buying. There are many companies that sell fish that was caught illegally, and they harm the ecosystem with this. Look on the bag to see the source of fish and if it is dolphin-friendly or not. This way you will not be giving your money to illegal companies.

Don’t support the tourism that harms marine animals. There are many companies that take tourists in breeding or migration areas in order to show the animals. This has a devastating effect on them. Inform yourself and stop it.