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Marine Animals That are Currently in Danger

Since the beginning of time we have seen amazing variation and diversity of different species. Many of them disappeared because they were unable to adapt to the climate and environment changes. Over the time many species disappeared and the animals that we now see are the more adapted versions of the ones from the past.

Sadly, the human intervention accelerated this change of species and modified the sensitive balance from the animal world. We now see that more and more species are endangered because our greed and lack of respect for the environment. It is very important to understand the whole phenomenon in order to make a change. We have listed some of the marine animals that are currently in danger in order to show that our intervention is hurting the animal world.

The Animals

The Hawksbill Turtle is one of the main endangered marine animals. It is considered that more than 80% of the turtle population died in the past century because of our intervention. The turtles are not necessarily hunted for the flesh, but the human intervention in the ocean is definitely hurting them.  They are very sensitive to the chemical change in the water and the pollution is chasing them away from suitable nesting places. They would normally lay their eggs on the beach, but, because of the dirt and pollution in many beaches, they are unable to do so. All these factors contribute to their status of endangered species.

A young Hawksbill Turtle is released on a beach in fornt of observers from the local community. Chelonia mydas. Playa Negra, Costa Rica.

The blue whale has been hunted for centuries for the fat. A whole trading branch used to focus solely on this product. They are some of the most peaceful and sensitive marine creatures and our intervention is the only factor that contributes to their extinction. Lately, there were many protests that required to ban the sale of whale fat in order to preserve the remaining creatures. Also, there are many associations that militate for cleaner oceans. They are migrating mammals that need clean water in order to breed and the ocean pollution is preventing them from doing so.

The Unique Ones

Astounding Sea Lion is another endangered marine mammal that lives in the Northern part of Canada and Alaska. It is considered that the population decreased with more than 60% in the last century due to human and natural intervention. They are still being hunted by the locals for the fat and meat but there are also many protests that request this practice to be banned in order to save this species.

Hammerhead Shark is actually one of the most peaceful species of sharks. They are migratory mammals and they are often being hunted for their fin. This is used for luxury meals and it contributed a lot in their population decrease. Also, they are very much affected by the pollution in their migration tracks and this prevented them for breeding in the classic spots. It is considered that all these species will go extinct if no measures are taken. The pollution and exploitation have to stop in order to save them.