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Marine Life Preservation

Marine creatures are hunted in large number across the globe yearly for various human purposes. Some of these animals are killed in the process and don’t even make it out of the water. The animals hunted successfully are either consumed or used as poultry feeds. Others are used for scientific research or just caught for fun. Over 90,000,000 fishes are found every year, most of them in coastal waters. Sadly, only 60% of the fishes caught go for human consumption, 0ver 30% goes into fishmeal or fertilizers. The number of sea creatures that are captured just for the fun of it and so many marine lives dies from the activity yearly.

The need to preserve marine life is on the rise now; human activities have significantly disturbed the stability of the marine ecosystem. Fishing hunting is now carried out with sophisticated electronic equipment that does not only distort the peace and tranquility of marine lives but includes spices of marine organisms not meant for the haul, and these organisms die in the process. This has gone so bad that the European government has placed a ban of the hunt of some species of marine organisms, this bid to protect marine live entails that some species of fish can only be harvested in limited time for specific uses. For example, whales hunting started from the inception of humanity. Before the 20th century, small boats are used in the hunt with inferior equipment and just a small number of where caught.

But with technological advancements of the 20th century, more sophisticated methods were used to hunt down and killed quickly. A large number of whales can now be caught easily too, and this has grossly affected the population of whales in the ocean today. In a move to preserve the remaining amount of whales we have today, the International Whaling Commission was set up, and they are now regulating the way whales are caught in the open waters. One specie of harmed turtles are the leatherback sea turtles. They are also endangered species. Leatherback sea turtles die due to many causes.

One of them is the presence of garbage on the beach. Leatherback sea turtles like to eat jellyfish. Once a year leatherback sea turtles go to the beach to lay eggs. They engulf the plastic bags and mistake them with jellyfish. Those plastic bags stuck in their throat and cause their death. Some people catch leatherback sea turtles by throwing nets in the water only too get their leather. This leather is then used to make very costly things like bags and shoes.

Only some of the species mentioned above may survive extinction. There are many other organisms which are in danger of becoming extinct because of garbage is thrown on the beaches, oil that leaks from the ships go into the seas and oceans, the sewage and waste discharged into the seas also brings harm. We can only protect the remaining marine life by placing severe restrictions on the hunt of sea creatures, protecting waterbodies from debris and non-biodegradable substances and ensuring the factories do not deposit harmful substances into seas and oceans