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The Best Ways of Keeping Your Beaches Clean

There is nothing better than a family day out to the beach. Golden sands and aqua blue waters are just the ticket for some great R&R. That may have been the case a decade or so ago, but it is an unfortunate fact that many of the world’s beaches are now polluted. And even if the local government has a program to clean their beaches the oceans are in real danger. There are so many threats to our seas and shores that pollution has become an epidemic and it needs some serious medicine and care to heal the patient. Whilst as individuals it is hard to affect the major pollutants, such as corporate over-fishing and industrial waste being pumped into our oceans. We can affect what is local to us, and if everybody took up the baton then this would be a major contributor of slowing down marine pollution and keeping our beaches clean. Here are some great ways that you as an individual can really help the environment.

Look After Your Trash

It goes without saying that the first thing you must do is not to add to the problem yourself. Taking a picnic down to the beach is a really pleasant way to spend quality time with family and friends. Ensure that your day is even more special by taking home all your trash to dispose of responsibly. There are no special X-rated items, all trash should be treated in the same way, and leave the beach as you found it. Perhaps even clear the area up around where you have been enjoying your day also. Make a kid’s game of it, whoever collects the most trash gets an ice-cream.

Just Feed Your Party and Not the Animals

Marine animals such as fish and birds have a diet that is part of the whole marine ecosystem. And although it may be tempting to toss a discarded sandwich crust towards a gull you must refrain from doing so. Human food is not for the consumption of wild creatures, their digestive systems are not up to dealing with many supermarket foods that as humans we eat every day such as bread, processed meat etc.

Take Your Own Packaging

The easiest way to avoid trash on your visit to the beach is to take all the food and drink out of its plastic packaging. Pack things away in re-usable containers that you can simply wash when you get home. You are far more likely to take home thermos flasks, metal cutlery, and china plates than disposable plastic varieties. Pay particular attention to plastic packaging, the plastic six-pack wrapping can be deadly to both birds and fish. And after all your soda and beer can easily be carried in an icebox.

The best and most effective way that you can help your local beach to keep clean is by getting actively engaged with your environment. All over the world small locally based organizations are gathering together to form beach clean-up groups. It is a really fun way of meeting new friends and spending quality outdoor time on the coast. And when you visit the beach the next time with the family you can take pride on how clean it is.