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Top Organizations that are Supporting Marine Animals

Marine animals are some of the most interesting and beautiful creatures on Earth. They continue to amaze us with their diversity. Unfortunately, our intervention led to the extinction of many species over the centuries. We have seen over the time that there are some species that disappeared because they were unable to natural changes in environment, but our contribution is something different. Our greed and ignorance led to a mad intervention in their habitat that eventually led to their extinction or the status of endangered animals. Luckily for all of us, there are some brave souls that dedicated their lives to the preservation of these amazing animals. We have listed some of the best organization that support marine animals in order to inspire you and give you a positive role model.

The Well-Known Organizations

The World Wildlife Fund ( WWF ) is probably one of the best known organizations that fight for animal rights. They focus on all types of animals and have campaigns all over the world. They managed to lobby in many governments in order to ban some barbaric practices and to pass some laws that would protect the wildlife. They focus on the preservation of the endangered species and on the creation of a better habitat for all the animals in order to preserve the diversity offered by the nature.

Project Aware Foundation focuses on a very specific segment in the marine life that endangers them deeply: scuba diving. They have multiple awareness campaigns that aim to educate companies and individual divers on how to practice this hobby without hurting the wildlife. Scuba diving can do a lot of harm if the divers are not educated about the diversity and the needs of the marine animals. This organization also has campaigns that aim to collect the trash from the ocean in order to make it free of pollution.

More Organizations

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has done multiple campaigns to preserve the marine wildlife. One of the most known is the one in which they chased and even captured illegal Japanese whalers. They are considered some of the most powerful guardians of the oceans and managed to reduce the illegal whaling in the Japanese waters in order to offer safe sanctuaries for the whales. They also had campaigns to ban dolphin hunting in Taiji and they advocated a lot against the barbarism of this practice.

Oceanic Preservation Society has done many visual campaigns and photography contests in which they aimed to show the beauty of the world under the water. In 2009 they received an award for a ground-breaking documentary called “The Cove” in which they showed the true horrors that surround the dolphin hunt in Taiji.

Oceana is the largest organization that focuses on the preservation of marine wildlife. Their aim is to make oceans as beautiful and life-abundant as they once used to be. They do a lot of advocacy and lobbying in the US in order to pass laws that would preserve the wildlife.