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Employ automated texting service for your business growth

Take advantage of automated SMS and scale your business to the max by complementing email marketing with text messaging.

Communicate with a smarter automated texting service

Sell, inform and engage fast. Sender’s texting automation service lets you reach your audience in seconds with ease.
Send Your First Business Text

Hassle-free. Texting In Minutes.

Send Your First Business Text

Hassle-free. Texting In Minutes.

Automate texting and let Sender do the work for you

Text message automation lets you communicate efficiently and fast. At scale, text messaging increases sales and revenue, and business growth.
7.5 Billion

people are likely to have a Mobile phone by 2026.
(2022, Statista)


of consumers would like to receive promos via text messaging.
(2022, G2)


times more likely to get a reply to an SMS than an email.
(2021, Linkedin)

Use automated texting software to strengthen your marketing strategy

Complement your marketing efforts with automated text messaging and watch your business grow rapidly.

Watering can

Nurture potential leads

Give each prospect and customer a great journey with your automated text communication.

Welcome newbies

Make every new lead or signup feel special with a personalized welcome SMS.

Follow up on a purchase

Follow up each sale with a time-sensitive review request or discount on the next purchase.
Drag & Drop

Avoid repetitive texting tasks

Save time by sending personalized communication at scale, on complete autopilot.
Shopping cart

Abandoned cart SMS

Recover abandoned carts by offering free shipping or discount for those who didn’t check out.
Win back


Reengage and bring back lapsed customers that haven’t bought anything in a while.
Gift box

Birthday greetings

Engage with your customers by being caring and creative with holiday and birthday wishes.
Drag & Drop

Avoid repetitive texting tasks

Save time by sending personalized communication at scale, on complete autopilot.
Floating Floating Floating
Leverage email and SMS capabilities to boost sales
Invite high-converting email and SMS capabilities to your marketing game by allowing the best of both worlds — email & SMS — to play together and create a profitable business.
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Your powerful automated texting service

Transform your marketing strategy into a well-thought and efficient one with texting and email automation that’ll ease your marketing efforts.
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Attract quality leads with forms & popups and convert them with automated emails & SMS using one dashboard.
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Our system is built with comfort and ease of use in mind, but if you need any help, our product experts are just a chat away!
Affordable pricing
Premium quality not necessarily has to cost a fortune. Get what you need for an affordable price.
Powerful automation
Hit all the sweet spots of great communication using email & SMS workflows without being tied down to manual efforts.

Texting software with integrations for automated business

Our platform integrates with a wide range of content management systems, CRMs & e-commerce platforms, including Wordpress, Shopify, and more.

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Automated texting FAQs


How do I send automated text messages?

Step 1: Sign up for a text blast service. With reliable automated texting software such as Sender, you could pay as little as $0.015 per text message (for the US).

Step 2: Import your list of existing, opted-in subscribers. This may not be the same as your mailing list. Consent for sending a business text must be explicitly obtained.

Step 3: Compose your crisp SMS text message with the Call to Action and URL link. Sender automatically shortens the URL to help you say more with fewer words.

Step 4: Send immediately or schedule your message to be sent out at a later date and time. You could optionally create powerful automation where a subscriber action could trigger an automated SMS to be sent out (e.g. abandoned carts).


What is Automation text?

The automated sending of text messages to multiple contacts or groups of people with little or no human intervention is called text message automation.

A single message is sent to multiple people (say tens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients simultaneously). When sent to a group, recipients receive it individually (like a private message) and can reply only to you, not to the group.

SMS Marketing automation is becoming increasingly popular with brands due to its ability to engage audiences directly at scale.


How does automated text blasting work? What are the benefits of using an automated blaster service?

Automatically send precomposed, personalized SMS messages to consenting subscribers based on certain parameters.

Automation criteria can include a schedule (sent one day before a big sale), a timeline (sent one month after the last purchase), or a triggered sms (sent immediately after the purchase).

With automatic text messaging, businesses can reach more customers with personalized messages without needing extra resources. Text message automation, therefore, helps businesses connect with audiences quickly and cost-effectively.


What are some great examples of automated text messages?

You could send out:

  • Personalized discount offers (based on engagement)
  • Flash Sales promotion campaigns
  • Order confirmation & Thank you SMSes
  • Abandoned card reminder messages
  • Welcome SMS to Newsletter signups
  • Appointment reminder text

Why use an Automated texting service for your business?

According to research, SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% for emails.

Furthermore, mobile device traffic accounts for over 52% of worldwide online traffic (Statista).

SMS automation also succeeds in beating Facebook advertising (even retargeting ads) and emails when it comes to open rates, engagements, and conversions.

Overall, text message blasts are one of the best ways for businesses to reach out to all their customers or prospects and encourage them to take action.


Do automated text blasts apply to my specific industry or niche?

The power of automated and autoresponse text messages (also called “batch texting”) can be leveraged by almost any niche or industry, whether it be online or offline.

Any type of business, including retail, real estate, ecommerce, restaurants, coaching & education, government, nonprofits, restaurants, schools & universities, churches, and private businesses, can attract more and better quality leads and convert them into paying customers faster and with lesser effort!


Is automated text blasting legal?

Commercial text blasting is completely legal. It is the approach businesses take to it that is problematic. Sending cold SMSes to subscribers without their explicit permission will set you up for problems as much as sending cold emails under GDPR.

You must ensure that all of your prospects opt in (or subscribe) before you send them business texts. It is equally important that you provide a way for disinterested subscribers to opt out easily of every SMS you send.

TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliance is fully met by a tool like Sender. Subscribers have the option of opting out by texting STOP or any other keyword they choose in their settings.


Can I send automated SMS texts to my international clients and prospects too?

Sender helps you deliver geo-targeted SMS texts to anyone located anywhere in the world quickly and easily.

All plans (and credits) include the ability to send international SMSes to your subscribers worldwide.


How much does it cost to send automated text blasts?

SMS automation charges vary by country. All in all, a text blast remains a cost-effective method of communicating with prospects instantly, given its strengths. Text messages in the US cost as little as $0.015 each.

Also, our Professional plans and up include FREE SMS messages, so depending on how many contacts you have or how many SMS messages you want to send, you may spend very little on SMS messaging.

Most organizations do not realize how powerful a text messaging service can be for business sales and customer retention. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, we aim to make text message marketing accessible to everyone.


SMS vs. MMS — Which one to choose for my business and why?

SMS messages only support text and links, whereas MMS messages may include images, GIFs, and videos.

SMS and MMS differ from each other in several major ways. SMS messages support only text and links, whereas MMS messaging allows images, GIFs, and videos to be sent.

Another difference is that SMS messages are limited to 160 characters, whereas image messages can contain up to 500 KB of data (1,600 words) and up to 30 seconds of audio or video.

While this sounds tempting, remember that a well-composed, relevant SMS will beat info-rich MMS any day!


Why choose Sender over other SMS marketing vendors?

Finding the right SMS marketing texter program that enables you to manage all of your marketing and sales communications from a computer can be a little tricky.

Because there are a lot of solutions to choose from for your bulk messaging needs. While some offer cheap bulk SMS rates and pricing, others may go as far as giving everything in an unlimited package.

Our paying customers choose us over other SMS marketing tools because of our affordable pricing, effective features, easy-to-use, no-frills platform that works as advertised, and user-friendly support.

Any company that buys Sender for their broadcast needs will do so when they're looking for something more than just freeware. The reason is that they are more concerned with finding a text message marketing solution that consistently helps their business improve its ROI rather than just saving a few dollars here and there.


What are the most common uses of automated SMS blasts?

Automatic text messages cover every communication need of a business. It isn't even confined to marketing or sales.

Using text blasts for all official communications can be a massive move. This includes post-sales customer updates, deals & discounts, customer sms text surveys, emergency alerts (threats, adverse weather conditions), critical notifications, etc.

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